Leftovers #5 and #6: 29/5/2013 – Playing Catch-Up

28 May

Harper-train-34Greetings Leftoverites,

This week it’s a double-whammy of updates, partly for intellectual reasons and partly due to the fact I forgot to do one last week…no matter, life goes on!

No outright news from me this week, though things are getting exciting for People and Planet as they campaign to obtain a Green Fund for new and innovative projects next term – best of luck to them! Additionally the Food Co-op continues to be live and kicking; word on the organic grapevine is that they’ve got their usual stack of ethical and locally sourced foodstuffs, plus some new additions including, of all things, mooncups (give it a Google, folks).

According to the wills of the sun we’ll be back in the Allotment for Leftovers tomorrow – come for the chat, stay for the sun-baked gardening. What better respite from revision? You know you want to 😉


Leftovers #4: 15/5/13 – Promised Land

14 May


As I type this I am currently sheltering from the rain in that Heaven-on-Earth that is Warwick University Library. Lucky me. Suffice to say, if the weather continues as it is now, I can see us having to dart back inside to room S0.03 for this week’s Leftovers sesh. But hey, I’m generally a glass-half-full type, so maybe the sun will shine after all! Who can say?

Here’s a nugget of news for the week to keep things fresh. This Wednesday is the final day that the Arts Centre cinema will be screening the latest Gus Van Sant film ‘Promised Land’, starring Matt Damon and made in response to recent developments around the controversial hydraulic fracturing industry, more commonly known as fracking. Personally I think it’s great to see Hollywood taking an interest in such a fraught contemporary issue – any Leftoverites who may be interested, there’s a matinee showing at 4pm that some folk from People & Planet may be going to, and an evening show at 8:30pm. Just the thing to break up revision, and you might nab some cultural and environmental education to boot!

See you either at the allotment or in S0.03, maybe even outside the cinema at 4! As ever, feel free to bring some lunch to share.

I hasten to add…

8 May

If the weather’s not so good, we may have to retreat back to S0.03. I’ll trust you to use your judgement.

Leftovers #3: 8/5/13 – Relocation, relocation, relocation

8 May


Mornin’ all!

The days roll on and on, and with them comes forth change. This week may not herald any seismic change to the fabric of existence as we know it, but it’s still worth making a note of if you’re a follower of all things Leftover.

Due to unexpected weather conditions (i,e. IT’S SUNNY!) we will be relocating the meeting to the campus allotment for the foreseeable future. Essentially, if the sun is out, so will we be! You can find the allotment behind Arthur Vick, along the path from the lake; it’s a lovely location, just perfect for a Wednesday afternoon chat! Conveniently, the Allotment Society runs a practical gardening session from 2-3pm every Wednesday, so if you fancy sticking around to help to grow some fresh vegetables, you are more than welcome. What a wholesome revision break!

See you at 1pm by the allotment. As ever, feel free to bring lunch to share!

Laters x

Leftovers #2: 1/5/13 – Mayday

30 Apr

In all honesty, this was one of the first images that came up when I Googled “mayday” – I just couldn’t resist.

It’s the first of another month! Who’d’ve thought? And look how on-the-ball I’m being with my blogging (I’ve just blocked myself out of my personal blog for the forseeable future to force myself to revise, so Leftovers updates is where I’ll be getting my blogging fix from. Don’t judge me…)

Thank you to those who turned up last week despite the moderate confusion about the room change – to reiterate, for the first half of this term at least we’ll be in room S0.03, so it would be lovely to see more of you this week! This term Leftovers will be a space in which to chill, to give your brain a change of pace while keeping it invigorated, and of course, feeding our brains with the best kind of food: food cobbled together from leftovers! The session works at its best when people bring things to share, whether snacks or talking points. On that note, I’m gonna share a thing right here right now: the soundtrack to the collapse of the American dream, whatever that means.


See you Wednesday!

Leftovers #1: 24/4/13 – One Last Fling

29 Apr

IBR-1113189Greetings Leftoverites! Sorry this post is a bit late, I’ll do my best to regulate it this term; if I sort myself out there should be a new update every Monday/Tuesday.

Welcome to Term 3! That wonderful time of year where the library stagnates with the smell of overused highlighter pens and the-last-coffee-of-the-day-I-promise, and everyone has one eye fixed on the nearest window looking out for those glimpses of summer through the April (and May) showers. But no need to despair! Instead of revising for 12 straight hours a day (seriously? NO ONE has that kind of stamina…) or wiling away the hours with cat-video related procrastination, why not take advantage of a different kind of revision break and pop along to Leftovers?

This term will be a pleasantly low-key affair, a little haven of calm for an hour or so every Wednesday. Bring along a friend, some lunch to share and get ready to engage in discussion with other bright minds of Warwick. Due to the nature of this time of year I won’t be striving to get in a new academic speaker every week but will be relying on YOU lovely people to bring the noise, whether there’s a topic that’s been playing on your mind that you’d like to present or something you read in the newspaper that morning. I’ll be excited to see what you come up with!

See you this Wednesday in S0.03 at 1pm! Ciao for now x

Aside 18 Apr

Welcome back everyone! This term Leftovers will be taking place at the normal time (1pm on Wednesdays) in room S0.03, which for those of you who came in Term 1 is where we were then. Stay tuned for more information on speakers and special events!