Leftovers #1: 24/4/13 – One Last Fling

29 Apr

IBR-1113189Greetings Leftoverites! Sorry this post is a bit late, I’ll do my best to regulate it this term; if I sort myself out there should be a new update every Monday/Tuesday.

Welcome to Term 3! That wonderful time of year where the library stagnates with the smell of overused highlighter pens and the-last-coffee-of-the-day-I-promise, and everyone has one eye fixed on the nearest window looking out for those glimpses of summer through the April (and May) showers. But no need to despair! Instead of revising for 12 straight hours a day (seriously? NO ONE has that kind of stamina…) or wiling away the hours with cat-video related procrastination, why not take advantage of a different kind of revision break and pop along to Leftovers?

This term will be a pleasantly low-key affair, a little haven of calm for an hour or so every Wednesday. Bring along a friend, some lunch to share and get ready to engage in discussion with other bright minds of Warwick. Due to the nature of this time of year I won’t be striving to get in a new academic speaker every week but will be relying on YOU lovely people to bring the noise, whether there’s a topic that’s been playing on your mind that you’d like to present or something you read in the newspaper that morning. I’ll be excited to see what you come up with!

See you this Wednesday in S0.03 at 1pm! Ciao for now x


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