Leftovers #2: 1/5/13 – Mayday

30 Apr

In all honesty, this was one of the first images that came up when I Googled “mayday” – I just couldn’t resist.

It’s the first of another month! Who’d’ve thought? And look how on-the-ball I’m being with my blogging (I’ve just blocked myself out of my personal blog for the forseeable future to force myself to revise, so Leftovers updates is where I’ll be getting my blogging fix from. Don’t judge me…)

Thank you to those who turned up last week despite the moderate confusion about the room change – to reiterate, for the first half of this term at least we’ll be in room S0.03, so it would be lovely to see more of you this week! This term Leftovers will be a space in which to chill, to give your brain a change of pace while keeping it invigorated, and of course, feeding our brains with the best kind of food: food cobbled together from leftovers! The session works at its best when people bring things to share, whether snacks or talking points. On that note, I’m gonna share a thing right here right now: the soundtrack to the collapse of the American dream, whatever that means.


See you Wednesday!


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