Leftovers #3: 8/5/13 – Relocation, relocation, relocation

8 May


Mornin’ all!

The days roll on and on, and with them comes forth change. This week may not herald any seismic change to the fabric of existence as we know it, but it’s still worth making a note of if you’re a follower of all things Leftover.

Due to unexpected weather conditions (i,e. IT’S SUNNY!) we will be relocating the meeting to the campus allotment for the foreseeable future. Essentially, if the sun is out, so will we be! You can find the allotment behind Arthur Vick, along the path from the lake; it’s a lovely location, just perfect for a Wednesday afternoon chat! Conveniently, the Allotment Society runs a practical gardening session from 2-3pm every Wednesday, so if you fancy sticking around to help to grow some fresh vegetables, you are more than welcome. What a wholesome revision break!

See you at 1pm by the allotment. As ever, feel free to bring lunch to share!

Laters x


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