Leftovers #4: 15/5/13 – Promised Land

14 May


As I type this I am currently sheltering from the rain in that Heaven-on-Earth that is Warwick University Library. Lucky me. Suffice to say, if the weather continues as it is now, I can see us having to dart back inside to room S0.03 for this week’s Leftovers sesh. But hey, I’m generally a glass-half-full type, so maybe the sun will shine after all! Who can say?

Here’s a nugget of news for the week to keep things fresh. This Wednesday is the final day that the Arts Centre cinema will be screening the latest Gus Van Sant film ‘Promised Land’, starring Matt Damon and made in response to recent developments around the controversial hydraulic fracturing industry, more commonly known as fracking. Personally I think it’s great to see Hollywood taking an interest in such a fraught contemporary issue – any Leftoverites who may be interested, there’s a matinee showing at 4pm that some folk from People & Planet may be going to, and an evening show at 8:30pm. Just the thing to break up revision, and you might nab some cultural and environmental education to boot!

See you either at the allotment or in S0.03, maybe even outside the cinema at 4! As ever, feel free to bring some lunch to share.


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