Leftovers #10: 13/3/13 – Documentary

13 Mar

Last one of the term yo! Hope you guys have had as much fun creating the action as I’ve had recording it on this humble little blog. 

Today we have a very topical discussion lined up. Recently a group of Warwick students have been working on a documentary around the subject of student’s attitudes to consent, sexual relations and sexual abuse. The documentary was released to coincide with International Women’s Week, but the issues within it are, in my opinion, things that shouldn’t be swept under the rug, and it’s a great thing that these filmmakers are getting them out in the open.

Come to H3.02 at 1pm to hear Rosina and Dorothy talking about their experiences in making the documentary, followed by a discussion about the issues raised within it.

And, as ever, feel free to bring along some end-of-term leftovers to share with the group! See you guys after Easter xxx


Leftovers #9: 6/3/13 – Carry on my wayward vegetables

6 Mar

Have a painfully boring visual aid too, I’m too tired.

Whoops! It seems that this week Leftovers slipped casually to the back of my mind and there was no speaker brought in, but I hope that any keen beans who did turn up had a lovely time anyway.

In any case, I might as well use this humble little blog to draw your attention to some exciting things going on around campus and beyond that you Leftover types* might be interested in! Firstly, some People & Planet folk are embarking on a day of action against the arms trade, potentially as we speak! Which is exciting! If you’re shacked up in the library like me be sure to send them some good vibes. Additionally, all this week it is International Women’s Week, with loads of great activities and talks taking place around campus for five beautiful feminist-filled days! Check out the timetable if you can. The food co-op was positively sprouting with delicacies yesterday, and I heard it on the organic grapevine that there may be an end-of-term social coming up? Watch this space…

That’s all for now, sorry for this week’s shoddy (and late) post!

*That sounded rude,like you’re all cast-offs from society or something. Or maybe you like to think of yourselves that way. Chi sa…

Leftovers #8: 27/2/2013 – Voting Systems

26 Feb

Either someone slashed the budget for public urinals or it’s that time of year again…

A big shout-out to Warwick Amnesty for helping to organise last week’s Leftovers! Deborah Doane was fantastic in my humble opinion, and I think we managed to keep the Go Green Week spirit alive and fecund during our short hour together. Kudos also goes out to the majestic GGW team for making the Week so special!

Since the Uni loves its themed week’s so much, we’ve launched straight into a new one: Elections Week! Where oppressively friendly hand-painted cardboard signs loom at you from every angle, where free tea and biscuits abound (as long as you promise to stand there and listen to those campaign promises!), and where, hopefully, some voting happens. 

In light of this, tomorrow our very own Dominic Heslin-Rees will be asking the all-important question: voting systems, are they fair? And if not, why not? So a nice bit of lunchtime democracy for you all…bonus points to whoever comes up with the best interpretation of what democracy should taste like. My money’s on butternut squash.

Fight your way through desperate presidential candidates to H3.02 tomorrow at 1pm for lively discussion and free lunch! Both need your involvement, so the more the merrier.

Leftovers #7: 20/2/2013 – A Go Green Week special with DEBORAH DOANE

18 Feb


As I type this it has officially been Go Green Week 2013 for 2 hours and I could not be more excited!! GGW is People & Planet’s annual five-day shindig, this year taking place from the 18th-22nd February, and aims to raise environmental awareness and encourage student participation in action against climate change. This is arguably P&P national’s biggest event, so all around campus you can expect to see workshops, film screenings, talks, discussion groups, food cooperatives, parties…the list goes on! A full timetable can be found at http://warwickgogreenweek2013.weebly.com/.

In celebration of this exciting week, Leftovers is collaborating with Warwick Amnesty to welcome none other than Deborah Doane, Director of the World Development Movement, who will talk about the link between environmental disasters and human rights and corruption. This will be followed by our classic open discussion, and of course that wonderful thing that gives Leftovers its title: leftovers! We’re hoping for a big turnout this week, so if everyone were to bring even a little leftover food with them we should have a veritable feast on our hands.

Deborah’s talk will take place from 1pm-2pm in room H3.02, so come along this Wednesday for discussion to stimulate the brain and food to stimulate the tastebuds. Can’t wait to see you there!

In the meantime, have some music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpiIWMWWVco.

Leftovers #6: 13/2/2013 – Spending our weeks Reading and Going Green…

12 Feb



Despite last week’s smallish turnout, we ended up having a lovely lunchtime meeting, with attitudes to religion serving as the impromptu topic of the hour. Good work team!

Due to Week 6 being Reading Week for a number of people (sorry to those of you who are ploughing ahead with lectures and seminars!), I’m anticipating a similarly modest affair for tomorrow. Hence, since we have the room at our disposal, we will be hosting another Open Space-style session for anyone who can make it. Bring some food to room H3.02 for a nice relaxed way to break up the lectures or library hours!

Before I sign off, I’d like to take this opportunity to SHAMELESSLY PLUG People & Planet’s annual event: Go Green Week!! Yes, the one you’ve all been waiting for! Taking place in Week 7 of this term, expect environmentally-themed shenanigans to be cropping up all around campus, with a healthy mix of events, talks and film screenings. Publicity is go go go, so keep your eyes peeled for more information!

Leftovers #5: 6/2/2013 – Open space

5 Feb

Just look at all that lovely open space!

Happy February! 🙂

After last week’s foray into the art world we will back in the home comforts of H3.02 tomorrow for our standard Leftovers meeting at 1pm.

I’m going to pretend that me being unable to find an external speaker this week was completely intentional, as now we can have an open-space discussion! This will be a more social and relaxed affair; anyone who turns up on the day is encouraged to bring something of interest to the table that the group might want to discuss. It could be a recent inspirational seminar, a fleeting glance at a newspaper headline, the results of Tuesday’s high octane houmous-making contest…who knows? It’s up to you guys!

Leftovers #4: 30/1/2013 – Workplace

28 Jan


Exciting updates this week; read on for more!

First off, thank you to Ben Richardson and his enlightening talk on the sugar industry last Wednesday – hopefully we gave you some good ideas for your book! Good luck with it.

This week, there will be a slight change in plan: rather than meeting in our usual room, we will be convening outside the Mead Gallery (upstairs in the Arts Centre) to make use of their brand spanking new exhibition space, an interactive show called ‘Workplace’, Some of you may have visited the gallery already, and as a result may have seen the integrated Meeting Space and Desk Space, in which they encourage members of the public to come and work and therefore form a part of the exhibit. This, gang, is what we will be doing.

Thus, for your chance to become a piece of artwork for an hour or so, as well as take part in an *exclusive* discussion with none other than the curator of the Workplace exhibition herself, Fiona Venables (see, I told you this would be an exciting week!) meet outside the Mead Gallery entrance at the normal time of 1pm on Wednesday! Marketing pitch over!

P.S. As ever feel free to bring along some food to share, but perhaps not anything too messy – we’ll try not to destroy their gallery too much.