Your Leftovers

Leftovers collective is trying to break down the boundaries between speaker and audience, and between organisers and attendees, so that everyone can benefit from being part of a community which doesn’t rely on patron-beneficiary relations.

How is this going to happen?

  • Hang out at the end of each event where we’ll have a round-up of how we all think things went and how we can improve for next week. That way you can be an integral part of shaping the conditions of the space we’re using.
  • You can subscribe to the blog by putting your email address in the right hand column or better still join the Facebook group That way you not only get reminders about each event, but have a forum to offer suggestions or discuss what might change, and we can agree to have ad-hoc meet-ups to chat about how the event can develop or how the collective can function better.
  • Offer to take on a role for a week – food-bringers, mug-bringers, setter-uppers and general facilitators are needed each week.
  • Suggest a speaker or offer yourself – an educational or creative space should reflect what we’re all interested in, not just what a minority of us think is important. If we get contributions from everyone, we’ll all be introduced to a huge range of interests and experiences.

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